Motorbike Suits

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  • A protective suit designed for motorcycle riders.
  • Made from durable materials like leather or high-performance textiles.
  • Provides abrasion resistance and impact protection in case of accidents.
  • Typically consists of a jacket and pants that can be worn together or separately.
  • Jacket features reinforced shoulders, elbows, and back protection.
  • Pants have reinforced knees and hips for additional protection.
  • May include built-in armor on key impact areas such as shoulders, elbows, and knees.
  • Designed to fit snugly to minimize flapping at high speeds.
  • Offers ventilation panels or perforated sections for breathability.
  • May have reflective elements for increased visibility at night.
  • Suitable for various riding styles like sport, touring, or adventure.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance are important to ensure the suit’s protective capabilities.